Jul 2018

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From: C. A.
Date: 2018-07-26 12:34 GMT+02:00
Subject: Re: 22.07.18  WEDDING LIAN & CEDRIC
To: info@haciendadelalamo.es
Cc: L. L.

It was an immense pleasure to celebrate our wedding at your venue, an unique moment in an unique place. We will certainly write a message on  Bodas.net once we find the time but we already wanted to give you a brief feed-back in this email.

We feel extremely lucky that we found and chose your venue. All the guest agreed with us:  Hacienda del Alamo is a magical place that made this wedding unforgettable. We are so grateful for your whole team that made this moment unique by your professionalism, your kindness and your smiles. Thanks a lot to Antonio (he impressed everyone!)  to keep his cool with this energetic group 🙂 and to help all the guest to find a way home. A huge compliment to the chef and the team – the delicious creations left everyone speechless and probably made all of us gain a few pounds. A big big thanks to Lidia that more than successfully slipped into the shoes of our first contact Luisa and to be so attentive to our request and wishes. It’s hard to imagine it’s over now and that we don’t go back to  you and your fairy tale mansion. You are one of a kind.

We truly appreciate very much your services, for us Hacienda del Alamo is the very best place to celebrate a dreamy wedding and we will make sure everyone we know hears about it.

We wish you all an excellent day, big hug and a lot of kisses. Thank you for all!

Cédric & Lian

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